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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Convictions Car Insurance

In recent years the number of uninsured drivers has risen to 1 in 20, that is both an astounding and appalling number in our eyes. We thought we'd take this opportunity to talk about some of the measures that are being taken to stamp this number down to something a bit more sensible.
We don't see why convictions and car insurance can't go together, so that's simply no excuse for driving uninsured. Many people have a few points on their license these days but thats another discussion.
Last year Professor David Greenway lead a review to find out what can be done to sort this problem out once and for all. Unfortunately the answer isn't as simple as "reduce insurance premiums" because the insurance houses need to be sure that they can cover any potential losses.
The report concluded that offenders simply aren't worried about being caught because the punishments are often trivial in the offenders eyes. If someone is caught driving without insurance, they are usually fined £200 and have their license (if they have one) confiscated. They are often convicted of driving without car insurance but this has little effect on people who knowingly do it.
You have to ask yourself who thought up these rules because the kind of person who repeatedly drives without insurance isn't really going to be bothered about losing their license are they? If you ask us, there should be much harsher punishments available, we won't say what they are in case any children are reading this.
However, we all understand that you can occassionally forget to renew your insurance and we don't feel these people should be penalised too heavily, everybody forgets things from time to time and I think we just need to use a little common sense.
However, it looks like the government might finally be getting it's act together and are bringing in some more legisalation that they hope is going to reduce this problem.


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